This program focuses on the conditions and situational characteristics related to encounters occurring around and inside structures/rooms.

We start with a discussion on the realities associated with room entry and then move onto a skills review/assessment before proceeding into “ground school” on moving thru doors and around corners, processing rooms, managing light, managing threats/unknowns, communication and movement speeds.

Most of the program is conducted in and around our live fire shooting house. Each student will conduct a number of dry and live fire shooting house runs throughout the day. The program is for handgun only.

Successful completion of our Defensive Handgun II, III and Low Light Course is a pre-requisite for attendance.


  • Length: 7-8 hours

    • Quality strong side holster (Nylon one size fits none will not be allowed)

    • 3 mags (Minimum)

    • Quality mag pouch

    • Quality flashlight (pressure switch on the end)

    • 250-300 rounds

    • Eye protection

    • Ear protection

    • Concealment garment