This course is structured for those who have successfully completed Defensive Handgun I and II or other school’s equivalent. Performance of all Level I and most Level II skills on demand will be expected. A brief review and marksmanship / gun handling skills ‘tune-up’ will be conducted initially. This will be followed by a Skills Inventory demonstration by each shooter. Performance will be elevated to an extremely high level by pushing the balance of accuracy versus speed shooting against stationary, multiple and moving targets. Other subjects featured include difficult targets, close range emergency reaction, reflexive malfunction clearance, use of space, movement techniques within confined areas, multiple indoor and outdoor tactical simulators, low light, backup weapon use, and weapon retention. A quality flashlight (Surefire-type or other high output) and concealment garment are recommended, but optional. Backup guns are allowed and can be used on some exercises, but are not required.


  • 8 – 10 hours

    • Quality strong side holster (Nylon one size fits none will not be allowed)

    • 3 mags (Minimum)

    • Quality mag pouch

    • Eye protection

    • Ear protection

    • Concealment garment

    • 600-800 rounds