As you enter this course you will have successfully completed IFP Tactical’s Enhanced Level I and Defensive Handgun II. This course will focus on refining and practicing existing techniques and skill sets. In this we start to increase the pressure so that you have to operate under pressure a level that will replicate a real life scenario. This will allow you to measure your performance level and control under stress.

In this class you will encounter multiple target acquisitions. You will have to decide how and when to use cover and concealment, how to correct malfunctions and shoot from all possible positions, all under pressure.

Your understanding of the techniques taught in Handgun I and II along with proper safe gun-handling will be assumed upon your registration.

This will be a very fast paced and physical course. You will have limited breaks and be expected to maintain the necessary intensity of concentration.


  • Length: 7-8 hours

    • Quality strong side holster (Nylon one size fits none will not be allowed)

    • 3 mags (Minimum)

    • Quality mag pouch

    • 300-350 rounds

    • Eye protection

    • Ear protection

    • Concealment garment