This course will pick up where Level I Enhanced (or equivalent) stopped and progress quickly into applying techniques that started in L1. Training will begin with how to correctly draw from the holster, drawing from concealment, target acquisition and trigger control which will increase speed, accuracy and weapon deployment. We will begin to add in movement and multiple targets increasing the difficulty of shooting problems and scenarios. You will learn how to recognize different malfunctions within your weapon and the correct procedure to solve the problem to be able to get back in the fight. We will also introduce disabled and/or injured shooter exercises, shooting from different firing positions, as well as cover versus concealment.


  • Length: 7-8 hours

    • Quality strong side holster (Nylon one size fits none will not be allowed)

    • 3 mags (Minimum)

    • Quality mag pouch

    • 200-250 rounds

    • Eye protection

    • Ear protection

    • Concealment garment