At IFP Tactical we believe very strongly in the 2nd Amendment. In fact, it is our passion. We feel that it is every U.S. citizen’s right to bear arms and defend themselves, their family and others. We foresee a day coming when this right might be threatened and taken away from us.

IFP Tactical takes great pride in working with each student to get them where they need to be. Our students range from beginners, who have never even held a weapon, to military veterans with professional training. With each student, our training begins at their level instead of someone else’s level. We start our training level at the student’s level. Everyone has to feel comfortable to make it a good learning experience. Safety is our number one concern in all of our training. We teach responsibility and the importance of safety starting in the classroom and train our students to focus on safety at all times.

At IFP Tactical, our training begins with the basic Level 1 Enhanced Course. This course will teach basic hand gun use, hand gun safety, types of hand guns and ammo, legal, mental and behavioral issues involved with making the choice to carry a hand gun. We understand it’s not all about knowing how to use a weapon. The weapon is just one of many tools needed to survive in a deadly encounter. Mental preparation is a major factor in survival. We teach a combination that will include all of the factors involved with carrying a weapon for protection. As you begin in Level 2 we start to develop and improve your mechanics, skill set and muscle memory to allow you to take your training to the next level. During this, you will learn practical development of correct firearm manipulation techniques.

As you advance further into the program you will be introduced to more simulated scenario training instead of your everyday static range training. We will blend skills and knowledge into these scenarios to prepare you to have the ability to recognize, avoid or stop the threat.