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IFP TACTICAL is a firearm training facility located in Columbus Ms that has evolved by being able to add instructors from all walks of life including private citizens, military and law enforcement, medical and other professions.

All we ask for from our students is to have an open mind and a willingness to learn and we accept nothing less from ourselves.

Each year we attend as many different training classes as possible from outside trainers and schools. Our staff has a never-ending quest for knowledge.

IFP TACTICAL was established as a Self Defense Shooting Facility in Columbus MS with the sole purpose of providing the highest level of firearms, tactical, personal protection and Tactical Emergency Medical training possible. We have grown very fast but one thing has remained constant. We are as motivated to learn as we are to teach. We enjoy seeing the beginners that have never touched a gun walk off of the range after class with a new level of empowerment over their lives and we really get excited to see them inquire about the next level and how soon it will be taught.

IFP TACTICAL is a firearm training facility in Columbus, MS that teaches the average person to protect themselves at all times through firearm training. We also serve the Golden Triangle Area, which includes Columbus, MS, Starkville, MS, and West Point, MS.